All Children Smile | Two Year Old  Daycare / Pre School

Language & Literacy

  • Increase vocabulary through use of songs, books and activities
  • Describe what happened in two or three words
  • Repeat songs and finger plays
  • Say first and last name
  • Use short sentences to tell simple ideas
  • Listen to stories
  • Follow simple directions
  • Know self in mirror/picture
  • Name common objects in a picture


  • Simple number concepts (big and little)
  • Identify shapes
  • Identify colors
  • Understand 1
  • Count 1-10
  • Understand more than 2
  • Group things together by size
  • Point to big and little objects
  • Identify numbers 1-5


  • Develop relationships through closely supervised activities
  • Learn compassion for others
  • Learn respect for materials used in classroom
  • Value own property and name personal belongings
  • Follow simple rules in teacher directed games
  • Point to six body parts when named
  • Put coat on unassisted
  • Feed self without spilling
  • Help clean up
  • Share with others, understand taking turns

Fine Motor/Gross Motor Skills

  • Finger plays to help refine muscle control
  • Turn pages of book
  • Pedal bikes, run, hop, jump and climb
  • Build with blocks, stack by size
  • Place puzzle pieces in correct space
  • Clap with music
  • Walk up and down steps, walk on tip toes
  • Throw small objects two feet
  • Catch a rolled ball and roll it back
  • Activities that encourage coloring
  • Use of paint brushes and finger paint with close supervision


  • Notice the world around them
  • Know the names of three or more animals
  • Associate words with correct objects (grass, trees and clouds)
  • Identify rain, sun and snow
  • Understand hard/soft, hot/cold and wet/dry
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