All Children Smile | Three Year Old  Daycare / Pre School

Language Program

  • Curriculum uses ‘Zoo Phonics’ program
  • Begin to explore with different letter sounds
  • Recognize first names and letters in name
  • Tracing letters in first and last name
  • Learning to properly hold and use a pencil
  • Tracing objects, lines and letters
  • Begin to explore character and story plots
  • Focus on listening skills
  • Follow a set of directions and two-stage commands (in-out and over-under)
  • Locate different objects in a picture
  • Program: "Weekly Reader"
  • Introduce numbers 1-10 in Spanish
  • Alphabet in sign language


  • Explore simple number concepts (more or less)
  • Comparing, classifying and measuring
  • Counting numbers 1-15
  • Recognizing numbers 1-10
  • Left and right
  • Recognize shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, heart and star)


  • Feels good about self
  • Opportunities to follow directions
  • Opportunities to take turns
  • Develop friendships
  • Make choices about preferences and behaviors
  • Introduce address and phone number


  • Opportunities provided to encourage child to clap hands
  • Move to the beat
  • Sing songs
  • Identify similar sounds
  • Use of simple instruments


  • Weekly themed projects
  • Opportunities to trace and copy simple shapes
  • Folding and bending
  • Use of scissors- begin cutting
  • Use of glue
  • Coloring and painting
  • Use of clay (modeling)


  • Becoming aware of the world around them
  • Animals, plants and insects
  • Seasons, weather, and days of the week
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